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Free Screen & Video Recorder

Loom, Easy and 100% FREE screen recorder for Mac, Windows, and Chromebooks. Record your camera and screen with audio directly from your Chrome browser and share the link with your community, colleagues, friends, family, customers, etc… etc…

If you can’t stand reading or writing long emails, Loom is for YOU!

It enables using videos instead of having to write long text emails to your clients, colleagues…. but not only…
It is perfect to create any tutorial or presentation you want to record online and share on platforms like Youtube or on your own sites…

If you share content online, like I do, posting this type of content will help you bringing more traffic to your site, increase your credibility as someone who knows what he is talking about and improve your online reputation.

Easy and Intuitive

Loom is a video recorder you launch from your browser. To start using it, you need to open up the extension on Chrome via the Chrome Web Store.
Simply type in loom in the search bar and you come down to loom video recorder app.

All you need to do is to add it to Chrome. (note that a desktop application is in the works, and may very well be released already at the time of reading this).

Okay, to launch it, click on the loom icon on the top bar. You will have to create your own profile in order for loom to store your videos and for obvious security reasons. Note that if some of your videos are confidential, there is an option to add a protected password to access this video or open it when you share the link.

It’s Versatile

You can record the screen, just the webcam or my preferred option, both webcam and screen and of course it records narrations too. (a good microphone is recommended or a quality webcam with microphone)

The tool comes with online tutorials, note that is is super user friendly and intuitive.

Why is it better than the other Free products?

  • No Watermarks
  • Doesn’t have a 15 min. recording time limitation.
  • 100% Free
  • Cloud based and soon coming with a desktop app.
  • You can trim videos at any time
  • All videos stored in a flexible organization system
  • Leave reactions on the video to give feedback (emojis)

In addition when recording both the webcam and screen your can place the webcam anywhere on the screen, move it on the fly and also resize it!

Loom is incredibly flexible in use cases with Full Desktop Recording, Front Facing Camera, or Tab Only.

Okay, you can access it by clicking the button below:

Get Loom It's Free, simply click Here!

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Simple Formula To Earn 10’000 Dollars Every Month Online

You may wonder how to build a successful internet marketing business.

I had the chance to review a remarkable complimentary report which gave me a behind-the-scenes check out how legendary Mark Ling builds his affiliate websites and made millions. The report is the 5-Step Formula to Earning $10,000/ Month Online. But it is just offered for a short period! Download it while you still can:

==> Get You FREE 5 Step Formula report

Among the reasons I rely on Mark and spent time to download his book is that I understand he’s one of the good guys. When he developed his very first affiliate site in the 90s, he had to work daily on two low paid jobs to pay his bills. When he first received his affiliate check, he understood this was it. He kept building more sites, and started making a six-figure income online.

But one day all of it altered. One bad choice led Mark to losing everything he worked for. He went from a six-figure income to a six-figure debt. He took up a task at a call center, believing that it was the end of internet marketing for him. However as he looked around, he knew there had to be a better way. He had to try again. So he picked up affiliate marketing once more, and chose to give it one last try. Now he is a seven-figure affiliate marketer who gets to share his approaches and techniques with people across the globe.

Learn the 5 Money-Making Steps Mark Takes for Each Website

In this free report, Mark Ling visually exposes to you the five steps he takes for each website. They are presented in a very comprehensive format. Best of all, these are the real five steps that Mark follows, so you know that you’re really getting a behind-the-scenes look into how he develops his profitable websites.

Learn the 11 Affiliate Marketing Niches You Should Remain in

Ling reveals the 11 specific niches that he makes the most cash off. Are you in the ideal specific niches? If you aren’t, then it will almost certainly hold you back. And if you haven’t built your first site yet, you can find out exactly what you must be making it about.

Learn How to Uncover the very best Affiliate Marketing Products to Promote

In his totally free report, discover the specific steps that Mark uses to discover the best products to promote. It is extremely important you get this right: if you pick the incorrect product, one that does not convert, then you could lose thousands of dollars sending out traffic to your site and make no sales! If you do not wish to lose cash, read this totally free report and the best ways to pick the ideal products to sell.

But That Isn’t Enough: You Need to Watch the Webinar Series

While the report is excellent, it isn’t really fairly sufficient to get results: there are still some hidden secrets about where to purchase traffic that Mark doesn’t have time to deal with in his report. But fortunately he’s running a totally free webinar series. It is strictly for a limited time, so as soon as you get your free report you’ll have an opportunity to sign up. You don’t want to miss that.

Conclusion: The Report is Fantastic, so Download it While You Still Can

This report is totally free for a restricted time. It is loaded with step-by-step information that shows you how tycoon Mark Ling develops his money-making websites.

==> Get You FREE 5 Step Formula report

If you want to be successful like him, then download the report right now, and read it as soon as possible

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