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Re-Engager Full Demo by Tim Verdouw

Re-Engager demo by the creator: Tim Verdouw.

Unless you’ve recently just started up your computer for the day or you’ve recently closed them all out, you’ve probably got several tabs up there…
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If you’re like most people…

You probably have one open for your email…

…maybe Facebook…

…news websites…

…maybe a sales page or two for something you want to buy…

…and the list goes on…

Do you plan to go back through each one?

Of course, that’s the plan, but we all know, that RARELY happens.

At some point, you get so many tabs opened up that you just end up closing them all out…

That’s Because You Have
So Much Stuff Open At Once, You End Up Forgetting WHY You Left Them Open In The First Place…
And you’re NOT the only person that does this.
This happens to almost everyone.

See How Re-Engager will solve your problem.

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VideoPal First Impression and How To Use Tips

How To Capture Your Visitors 100% Attention Using Futuristic Video Technology

VideoPal is a software suite that will add Animated 3d, 2d  Avatars and even real human spokespersons on the edge of any of your webpages.
It’s a cloud based software, so you won’t have to install anything on your own machine and it’s 100% mobile compatible!
Click HERE for a Live Demo 🙂

VideoPal How to Win a FREE Copy Stef Grandgi

Video Pal turn dull sales pages into stunning ones…  Of course you first need to put effort in generating a great script, meaning that you need to convey a message that will captivate your visitors attention and transform them into prospects. Discover how that’s possible:

Now time for a live demo:

Now my impressions… 
I definitely believe in the concept and love those Avatars and the possibility of adding real spokes person linked to call to actions for an amazing time sensitive offer…

On the negative side, some Text to Speech voices may sound dull and monotone, though it’s due to the fact that people often get lazy and don’t enhance the scripts they use for the voices.
When creating a text to speech recording, you have to use the proper punctuation, like commas, full stops, etc… to render a voice that sounds natural.

A fantastic alternative is to recording your own voice, or to get a professional voiceover from Fiverr for 5 dollars 🙂

Enjoy… and Click Here for the one time special Low Introductory Launch discount price and bonuses 🙂 https://stefgrandgi.com/videopal

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