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How and where to get website traffic

Sell Stuff On Amazon and Get Traffic

Amazon is one of my favorite places to buy things – and if you didn’t already know, it’s a fantastic place to sell things too!

It’s so easy to sell on Amazon. It’s best if you have the products bar Code because Amazon will practically fill in all the details of your product for you – including a detailed description so you don’t have to type a word – all you have to do is add the UPC or bar code, the price you want to sell it for and sit back and wait for the money to come in!

Yes, it’s free to sell your stuff on Amazon. Amazon deducts a percentage of the sales price from the amount they send you but that’s it… you keep the rest. You could easily make a few hundred each week just listing stuff on Amazon!

To get started listing your stuff just go to:


Don’t forget to add your site’s link, that’s a great way to bring traffic.


Google Assassin Review

When Google Assassin was released, I was one of the first few to grab the membership. As soon as i I joined, I couldn’t help take a peek inside.
And the more I peeped, the more i wanted to explore!
So I ended spending several hours going through the exhaustive training material and trying out the different modules.

I can just say “Wow!” There is no limit to creativity.
And talk about over delivering!
Google Assassin has surpassed my expectations.
In the next few days, I used Google Assassin extensively by creating some more real life campaigns. Will post my detailed review once i have done that. If you have already purchased it, I suggest you spend a few hours working on it.

Only then will you understand the beauty of it. It is very systematic and really automates a lot of boring and tedious tasks. http://stefgrandgi.com/recommends/Assassin

And if you have not yet purchased, I suggest you do so IF you are SERIOUS about creating an passive affiliate source of income.But for those who are serious, this is a killer!
Wish you all success with your Affiliate career! http://stefgrandgi.com/recommends/Assassin


I will not suggest paying monthly for something that is not right for you at this time!