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FLICK GIF Demo and Review – Flick GIF Bonuses

FlickGIF is the first and only GIF creator, that does those amazing new things, that other don’t do at all.

Plus, it already features all important functionalities competitors products have.


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It has Ken Burns effect, pan & zoom, the ability to add SWF flash animated stickers, or any flash animation, which is SUPER important, on top of GIF, good filters like black and white, mirroring and flick.

In addition, it allows to crop video & GIF inside Flick GIF, which is very important too.

Furthermore, it does create GIF not only from videos, but from a set of images too.

It can export videos in BOTH GIF and VIDEO formats, which is really critical for Facebook and Instagram. It can do portraits, and resize to any custom dimensions and export for both GIF and video.

I did not see any other GIF creator doing all that.

There are upsells. The PRO upgrade allows to import already done GIFs, and modify them. Millions of ready done GIFs can downloaded from websites like Giphy, Imgur and other sites, following Copyright rules, of course.

PRO version can also loop MP4 videos into viral GIFs, and upload to Instagram and Facebook.

Check Out the FlickGif Demo:


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Check Out the BONUSES:

FlickGif Bonuses Stef Grandgi


Re-Engager Full Demo by Tim Verdouw

Re-Engager demo by the creator: Tim Verdouw.

Unless you’ve recently just started up your computer for the day or you’ve recently closed them all out, you’ve probably got several tabs up there…
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If you’re like most people…

You probably have one open for your email…

…maybe Facebook…

…news websites…

…maybe a sales page or two for something you want to buy…

…and the list goes on…

Do you plan to go back through each one?

Of course, that’s the plan, but we all know, that RARELY happens.

At some point, you get so many tabs opened up that you just end up closing them all out…

That’s Because You Have
So Much Stuff Open At Once, You End Up Forgetting WHY You Left Them Open In The First Place…
And you’re NOT the only person that does this.
This happens to almost everyone.

See How Re-Engager will solve your problem.

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