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Internal Linking is Crucial for Page 1 Rankings – No Sweat WP Internal Links Review

While most people focus on external backlinking and spend countless of hours building backlinks, they very often underestimate the importance of internal backlinking strategies.

If you would look at monster sites like Webmd and Wikipedia as examples, both of them are filled with countless internal links.

This not only gives high relevancy to the content and also provides which Google loves, but also is a plus for your readers since they are able to dig into more very related content and offers a wonderful user experience.

Your site will become an authority site that people will bookmark and come back to it for further information about the niche.

This is good, but when applying it to your site, it takes a great effort to implement, you need to interlink related pages manually.

But… there is a better way of doing it. The “No Sweat WP Internal Links” plugin will help you building internal links efficiently and quickly. It is totally white hat and perfect for WordPress sites.

Have a look a the demo, I personally bought it and will use it in all my blogs.

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and here is the over the shoulder video.

Don’t try to game Google, instead work the proper way and get rankings that will last forever.

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There is no shortcut in business. Work hard and well and you will get long time results.



AzonAuthority Review and Bonuses

AzonAuthority plugin uses WordPress to instantly create a true eCommerce experience where it forces Amazon to be your personal drop shipper ..
It is so to say turning Amazon into your dropshipper and fulfillment service!

They are using a proprietary SmarCart engine that seamlessly integrates into Amazon’s system!

But, the one thing I personally IMPRESSED me about this system is ..

.. the SmartCart engine will apply a 90-day cookie to your traffic after they add products to their shopping cart!

Why is this awesome?

Because if they go back to amazon and buy ANYTHING in 90 days .. you still get paid your commissions!

And even if they bought something that wasn’t on your website in the first place!!

See below the demo video and get our Awesome Prelaunch bonuses


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