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Niche Genetics Bonuses

I just got my hands on a soon-to-be-released software product, that literally makes dominating any niche on Google a complete no-brainer!
Now, I know that sounds too good to be true. But stay with me on this… It’s called Niche Genetics and it will do more to get your sites ranked than anything you have ever used before. Make no mistake, this thing is a complete game-changer!
It will save you hours or research work and make the work of several persons within minutes.
It’s a phenomenal application developed my friend Abbas Ravji. He and his team have put out some of the most solid stuff on the market when it comes to SEO and traffic generation over the past several years.
The concept behind Niche Genetics is insanely simple. It’s based on a strategy that consists of five, easy and concise steps,
1. Explore
2. Analyze
3. Discover
4. Rank
5. Profit
Niche Genetics hits the public on in a few hours at 10 AM EST with an incredible limited-time introductory price!
And I am giving you two fantastic keywords research and suggestion softwares as a bonus if you get it via my link.
What I like best about Niche Genetics is that literally anybody can use it. You don’t have to know a single thing about SEO or anything else in order to benefit from Niche Genetics! It’s that easy to use! 🙂
Do yourself a favour, see the software and my two bonuses in action
Take action and enjoy!
This tool is going to make a big different in your marketing efforts and results.

Internal Linking is Crucial for Page 1 Rankings – No Sweat WP Internal Links Review

While most people focus on external backlinking and spend countless of hours building backlinks, they very often underestimate the importance of internal backlinking strategies.

If you would look at monster sites like Webmd and Wikipedia as examples, both of them are filled with countless internal links.

This not only gives high relevancy to the content and also provides which Google loves, but also is a plus for your readers since they are able to dig into more very related content and offers a wonderful user experience.

Your site will become an authority site that people will bookmark and come back to it for further information about the niche.

This is good, but when applying it to your site, it takes a great effort to implement, you need to interlink related pages manually.

But… there is a better way of doing it. The “No Sweat WP Internal Links” plugin will help you building internal links efficiently and quickly. It is totally white hat and perfect for WordPress sites.

Have a look a the demo, I personally bought it and will use it in all my blogs.

Click HERE Now to see the bonuses you can get for a short period of time.

and here is the over the shoulder video.

Don’t try to game Google, instead work the proper way and get rankings that will last forever.

Click HERE Now to see the bonuses you can get for a short period of time.

There is no shortcut in business. Work hard and well and you will get long time results.