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Trello Keeps Everything Organized For You

If you are like me and trying to follow up on lots of different tasks, you may get overwhelmed pretty quickly, that’s where Trello comes into the game. It will increase your productivity a factor X.

Trello free project management tool

Trello Collaboration Tool

You need to find a way to keep your tasks categorized and organized so that you can follow them up in an easy way. But it isn’t that easy, there are tons of project management tools, some are free and others not, though in the end most of them are over complicated to use.

I have been using Trello for a while now and I am very please with it. Trello is a free collaboration tool that tells you on a glance all about the status of your tasks and who is taking care of them at the moment. (provided that you have a team or colleague working with you.

I just show a short and simple video that explains the basic of Trello project management tool.

Note that you don’t have to be a professional to use it, it may be use to manage you home activities or hobbies.

You can download it for FREE here: https://stefgrandgi.com/trellofree


WordPress Training for Newbies – Free WordPress Training Video Tutorials

WordPress is a free user friendly and top notch looking blogging platform. In the video series below, you are going to learn how to get and setup a hosting account, install your WordPress blog and setup themes and plugins easily.

[video_playlist_gallery playlist=”PL2DSHOKI28pXlZwj8_a7Oup-vjk1oZTro” autoplay=”no”]

Additional resources, click on the link to launch them:

a) Setting Up a Hostgator Account

b) Setting Up a Bluehost Account


WordPress Training Videos

WordPress Installation what to do before you begin, video 1

How to Install WordPress with Fantastico, video 2

How to Install WordPress with Softaculous, video 3

How to Update WordPress auto install if needed, video 4

How to change WordPress settings, appearance and widgets, video 5

How to install WordPress plugins for increased functionality, video 6

How to change WordPress settings for plugins, video 7

How to change WordPress settings for plugins, video 8

How to change WordPress settings for plugins, video 9

How to create your first WordPress post, video 10

Other things you can do with your WordPress post, video 11

How to add a Worpress page, video 12

WordPress themes explanation and how to, video 13


You should now have all the tools and information to start your own blog. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter (on the sidebar) to get the latest WordPress tips and news that will bring your blog to another level, like a pro.



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