StoreStacker Review and Discount Code

StoreStacker Review and Discount Code

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About a month ago I created my first online shop. I looked for softwares supporting that kind of task. When I spotted StoreStacker, I knew it was what I was looking for.

After downloading it, I watched the video tutorials. Scott Trimble, the author, did a great job by explaining how to install it and of course how to use it.

Within an hour my own shop was up and running. Have a look the screenshot at the end of the article.

It is a great pleasure to run StoreStacker. Updating your shop has never been so easy. You can add, update categories, articles by a mouse click you select eBay, Amazon or Clickbank and and StoreStacker will automatically gather articles for you.

What StoreStacker does:
StoreStacker will do what NO other software on the market has ever been able to – load a site with products from multiple affiliate sources, targeting virtually any topic or subject matter.

You can build and run your own, ‘conglomerate’ affiliate store, covering any niche you want, on any site you want. (You can add StoreStacker to any existing site to take MAJOR advantage of the traffic you already have OR use it to build a completely new site (no outside software needed)).

ALL products are pulled into your site based on the keyword or subject matter you specify – so your products can be perfectly targeted to your audience.

The juice:
As time goes on, most products lose their juice. StoreStacker will only get more powerful. Over the coming months, they will be adding more integrations – slated for development are Paydotcom, Linkshare, Shareasale and more. This means you’ll be able to pull even MORE products for your sites, simultaneously serving a larger audience, better.

Why stack?
The ability to ‘stack’ your products from multiple sources is what sets StoreStacker apart from any other program, script or application on the market. Here’s why it’s so powerful –

Think of it this way. Using a subject matter like ‘cooking’ for example, Amazon, eBay and Clickbank each individually have a lot of offerings covering this topic – books, ebooks, products, etc. But, StoreStacker enables you to pull products from ALL of these sources and stack them all in one place. The result? One site has ALL of the cooking books and products available in ONE PLACE. Essentially, the your site has 3 times as many products to feature as Amazon, eBay or Clickbank individually.

With this kind of ‘pull’, a site can become the ‘go-to’ destination in their niche, because they list EVERYTHING available in one place – more than any other single place. Add more product sources lik e Paydotcom, Linkshare, etc, and the sites using StoreStacker become more and more powerful.

Why StoreStacker is such a big deal?
StoreStacker allows you to give your traffic more of what it wants. More content to read, more information to digest, more products to look at, compare and purchase.

In addition, StoreStacker makes it possible to manage a horde of affiliate offerings (more than you ever could manually) from one place and updating your products (or testing new products on your audience) is ridiculously easy.
Import Youtube Videos

You are also able to pull targeted videos from youtube (on whatever topic you want) and put them right on your StoreStacker site. Not only this enables you to create a larger, more topical site, featuring videos make your site more sticky, more useful to your readers and an even more important ‘destination’ and authority in your niche. Really powerful stuff.

Featured Products:
You have the ability to ‘feature’ one or multiple products – listing them above any others in your store, so there’s more marketing emphasis placed on them. you are able to choose any products you want and ‘feature’ them. It’s a fantastic way to list your own or the highest paying affiliate products above all of the others, bringing them more eyeballs and attention.

RSS Plugin
Allows you to import ANY rss feed into your store. Sources for content can range from blogs to article directories to anything in between (virtually any content source that produces an rss feed will work, including producing your own). So, not only can you list and sell targeted products, you’ll be able to deliver videos based on your topic (the youtube update) AND give your readers content that’s updated, timely, keyword and topically targeted and grows with your site. Both your users and the search engines will love you for it.

And keeping the best for the end, the automatic Store Updates.
You can forget having to keep up with your stores and continually reloading them with new products. This one will allow you to put your stores on autopilot, so they stay updated with fresh, new products – hands free.

I can only recommend this great sofware,
here is the 20% discount code: LUCKYYOU9888936, Enjoy!