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Making Money Online Has Never Been So Easy | Simple Ways To Make Money

Making money online has never been so easy

Make Money Online during crisis

Internet Money – Affiliate Marketing has changed a lot, and it is has become increasingly difficult to earn as much money as was possible in the old days. Well guess what…

I just read a short report that will transform the way people do Affiliate Marketing. Not only is the report revolutionary, it is dirt-cheap too. Have you ever paid less than $2 for a top quality report from a bestselling author?

The report is called RAMOS (Revolutionary Affiliate Marketing On Steroids). I can only recommend that you go and check it out:

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And yes, it works well even during recession.


Auto Tagging and Auto Comment Plugins

Auto Tagging and Auto Comment Plugins

Today we are going to focus on tagging and commenting your blogs.

Tagging is an essential part of your SEO Plan of Action.  It is important to understand how Tags work with WordPress and how your are going to use this to your advantage.  Tags are nothing more than Refined Categories related to your Post which allow you to be specific about how someone can find a particular piece of information on your site beyond the normal Category Structure.  Google loves Tags as well.  Not as much as it used to because of the Tag onslaught, but Google will readily identify the Tags on your site; Index and Follow them to their Designation Pages if you let it.

The single best Worpress Plugin for tagging is The “TagPig Plugin”

It will allow you to use multiple Tagging features for Posts with Tags, New Posts, and other scenarios.  It also uses the Yahoo API, OpenCalais, and TagtheNet API’s.

Cool cool cool piece of software:

TagPIG information plugin click HERE

CommentPig Plugin: a very powerful software for adding Comments to your Auto Blogs based on the Tags and Keywords in your Posts.

You can pull Comments via YouTube, Twitter, Yahoo Answers, FriendFeed, and from Database sources you create or outsource for very powerful auto Commenting to make your blog look active to users and the Search Engines.

A top notch auto Blogging tool.

BlogPIG information: Click HERE

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