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Find Business Ideas Here

While this site is not that attractive, it is very interesting, has thousands of ideas and may hold the key to your future.

What does it do?

The site matches up those with business idea/prototypes and more with those who are looking to market hot new products or have resources or partnerships.

There are all kinds of Business ideas here, some good, some great and some really, really bad.

But if you’re an inventor and need JV partners, angel funding or VC funding this might be just right for you. On the other side of the coin, if you have resources to offer these inventors (time and/or cash) you may be able to position yourself in an equity position with a potentially fast growing product!

I would start with the directory to see what kind of ideas and inventions are available here:

And then register is the site looks like it could be useful to your business objectives.


Clickbank Alternative

I am sure you have heard of (R) and as an affiliate, you may need a Clickbank Alternative.

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Clickbank alternative is called!

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But of course there are more of them. If you are in the IM (Internet Marketing niche) you should use or
You’ll get even more platforms in the video below.


Clickbank Alternative