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Google Assassin Review

When Google Assassin was released, I was one of the first few to grab the membership. As soon as i I joined, I couldn’t help take a peek inside.
And the more I peeped, the more i wanted to explore!
So I ended spending several hours going through the exhaustive training material and trying out the different modules.

I can just say “Wow!” There is no limit to creativity.
And talk about over delivering!
Google Assassin has surpassed my expectations.
In the next few days, I used Google Assassin extensively by creating some more real life campaigns. Will post my detailed review once i have done that. If you have already purchased it, I suggest you spend a few hours working on it.

Only then will you understand the beauty of it. It is very systematic and really automates a lot of boring and tedious tasks.

And if you have not yet purchased, I suggest you do so IF you are SERIOUS about creating an passive affiliate source of income.But for those who are serious, this is a killer!
Wish you all success with your Affiliate career!


I will not suggest paying monthly for something that is not right for you at this time!



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