Videosly Review and Bonuses | Is Videosly Better Than Competition?

Review of the Cloud-based Video Creator Videosly

In 2018 videos are the preferred way of consuming social media information. People spend their time watching entertaining videos rather than reading.
The long story short is that you need to produce and promote videos if you want to have an online presence.

The problem? Video require expensive softwares to be created and lots of know how… But not anymore, here comes Videosly… and here is what they claim on the top of their sales page…

Easily Create Traffic & Sales-Driving Videos In 5 Minutes Flat
Without Experience Or EVEN Your Own Content »
Drive profits to your own campaigns AND earn monthly recurring income from clients

Okay the point is being able to create good looking videos quickly and without being an expert.

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I won’t go through the full sales page, it is huge and your time is valuable. What I want to tell you is what I like, what I don’t like and what are the upsells and bonuses.

You will see a full demo of what it can do in their sales page.

What I like :
It user friendly and you can import content from the web as well as from your own files.
As you know there are already several tools like this on the market and it has less restrictions compared to them. Let me explain, most of the softwares only offer pre-defined templates where you can’t move the elements and where the texts field lenght is limitted. Unlike in Videosly.
videosly less restrictions than competitors as seen on

What I don’t like :
I heard on some the material «used for unlimited videos » though it seems not to be the case, (it may be corrected at the time of the launch) be sure to check carefully what package you take there is a limit on video that can be generated per months. But it has become the industry standard, products that say unlimited don’t get updated after a while. So no big deal here.

Now take a look at the sale page recap and bonuses that you get if you buy via my link.

Check out the detailed review and get all bonuses if your purchase via my link.

Videosly OTO / Upsells:

Videosly OTOs as seen on


 Here’s the Sales page and bonuses recap:

Videosly Sales page and bonuses as seen on

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